Connie G.

WashU Lifer?, M1 Class President

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I’ve always been that Type A, logic-and-reason motivated person — I err on the side of tables, pro/con charts, and meticulous notes when it comes to decision making. Those tools may prove to be helpful for you, but my choice to attend WUSM came down to a gut feeling, as cliché as that may sound.

Throughout my undergraduate experience at WashU (I’m well on my way to become a WashU Lifer), I heard about the medical counterpart as an esteemed, elite glass castle. It was THE DREAM with its world class research, engaged professors, and talented students. Even though I strived toward going to WashU for medical school as an undergrad, I never necessarily thought I would eventually be a WashU medical student. I was actually intent on attending other medical schools at the time, because I had already spent four years in St. Louis and thought a change in scenery would be nice.

When I met some current students during my interview day, that immediately changed. Interview day made me remember why I chose to attend WashU for undergrad in the first place: St. Louis has always floored me with the people here. Not only are people here talented and passionate, but they are also humble and genuine, and are caring friends and family. This extends to my professors and mentors. I have been invited to so many homes, dinners, block parties, and babysitting jobs. That gut feeling of being home rushed back and I remembered the community that I love and am so invested in. I care about the issues that impact St. Louis, as they are my own, and I couldn’t think of a better place to become a physician. This has only been further confirmed by my amazing classmates who I’ve grown close to so quickly. So yes, I was looking for research, resources and facilities, a tried and true curriculum, and check-check-check! But, most importantly to me, I am excited to live, work, be challenged, and grow within a community that I am excited to call home.