Tower Grove/Shaw

Zelun W., M2

The Tower Grove/Shaw neighborhood is situated to the south of the Grove, about three miles away from campus. While this distance may seem a bit far from all of our friends living in the Central West End, Tower Grove/Shaw has a unique personality that is unlike any other area of St. Louis. About 20 years ago , this neighborhood was the haunt of the young Bohemians of St. Louis. Since then, these artists and avant-garde free thinkers have grown up and stayed to raise families here, and so the area has become very residential and family-friendly. The neighborhood consists mostly of cozy two- or three-story single-family houses with backyards, punctuated by some small apartment buildings. Rent costs about $600-$700 a month for a one-bedroom, and there are great opportunities to buy a home here as well (looking at you, MSTPs). The neighborhood is centered around the Missouri Botanical Garden, which is a fantastic exhibition of Kingdom Plantae with beautifully manicured grounds, and Tower Grove Park, a 289-acre park that is host to events such as the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market and St. Louis Food Truck Festival. Running through the neighborhood is South Grand Boulevard, where you can find Rooster (a favorite brunch spot), Jay’s International Food (offering grocery selections from all corners of the world) and the Upstairs Lounge (better known as “The Lounge,” the No. 2 dance club in St. Louis according to Google). For a study atmosphere away from school, go to Mokabe’s Coffeehouse (open seven days a week until midnight!), the neighborhood Hartford Coffee Company, or the London Tea Room. The only downside of living in Tower Grove/Shaw is the distance from friends, but a quick 15-minute drive or bike ride gets you to school, and on the weekends an Uber split between myself and my two roommates ends up costing each of us less than $3 to get to the Grove or Central West End.