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Beer Bars

Mina F., M1

St. Louis is home to more than a dozen fantastic breweries, including the more artisanal 2nd Shift and Perennial breweries, the variety-focused 4-Hands and Urban Chestnut, and mainstream standards such as Schlafly’s and, of course, Budweiser. Each of these breweries has a great taphouse and Urban Chestnut even has a brewpub location in The Grove, just a short walk or drive from the medical school. In addition, the Anheuser-Busch Company often holds special events at their massive Budweiser brewery in the center of the city, where they feature other local breweries and more experimental brews. If you’re looking for beer bars, International Taphouse in the Central West End has over 40 beers on tap and hundreds in bottles. They also have a great staff, daily specials, and weekly trivia. Because St. Louis, and the Midwest in general, has such a strong connection to beer, it’s always easy to find new and delicious craft beer at your local corner store or favorite restaurant.

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Board Games

Jamie M., M1

What do you think about when you picture the perfect end to a long, stressful week? If you imagined sitting around a table with a group of friends, reveling in the excitement of playing your favorite board game, then you’re in luck! Every Friday night at 8 p.m., you can join a group of genial gamers for a rousing round of Catan, Sheriff of Nottingham, and many more! You can even bring your own board games for more fun and variety. The group is open to everyone, so if you have a friend or significant other who is not in medical school, they are welcome too! No matter what real life has in store, a fun time with friends can always be found when you “roll” on down to board game night!

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The Pageant

Iris K., M1

Concerts at The Pageant are wonderful because the smaller venue size means cheaper tickets and performances by lesser-known artists. The best part — the farthest away you can be from the performer is 70 feet!