Michael N., M1

In the last month, I have eaten brunches at The Rooster and Mudhouse (two of my favorite brunch spots with vegan options), and dinners at Pizza Head (a punk rock-themed pizza shop that sells vegan slices), Vista Ramen, Meskerem Ethiopian, Cafe Natasha Persian, Guerrilla Street Food (a Filipino street food joint), probably a few other places, and lunches at the food trucks, many a lunch talk, Everest Cafe, and Layla’s burger joint — home of the best vegan patty in St. Louis…so far. Besides admitting that I have a problem saving money, I mean to convey that there are abundant vegan dining options in St. Louis, and I am continually finding new places to eat. Nearly all of the lunch talks on campus and multiple of the food trucks include vegan options for your convenience. More importantly, eating out is a passion of mine, and there are so many great vegan restaurants to taste and discover! Hit me up if you want suggestions or company!!!