In medical school, most of your class schedule will be determined for you as a standard curriculum you’ll share with the rest of your classmates. However, at WashU you also have the opportunity to take interesting classes outside the normal curriculum, called “Selectives”. Selectives fall into one of three categories: Basic Science, which includes courses such as Journal Club and Frontiers in Leukemia; Clinical, which includes courses like Advanced Medical Spanish I and Introduction to Emergency Medicine; and Humanities, which focuses on topics like Music in Medicine and Queer Theory. All first year students must take at least four Selectives: one from each category, plus one additional course from either Basic Science or Clinical. You can also choose up to two additional Selectives from any category for a maximum of six. The following section details some of the most popular Selectives here at WashU, to give you an idea of the interesting classes you can choose from to personalize your medical education.